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Liz Eitel-Bell

Counselling & Emotional Healing

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I'm an Integrative Counsellor which means that I integrate different techniques into my counselling according to what will be the most helpful for my Client.

Whilst Counselling is a face-to-face talking therapy I integrate it with Emotional Freedom Technique (acupressure tapping), Cognitive Behaviour work (CBT), art-work, writing, visualisation, relaxation and meditation. By using these techniques I help you to share and explore a wide range of personal difficulties and issues in a safe, trusting, non-judgemental, confidential, friendly and professional relationship.

I then gently guide you, and sometimes challenge you, to enable you to gain new understanding, self-discovery, empowerment and self-actualisation. I will lead you to greater insight and enlightenment, self-awareness and self-acceptance, and problem resolution.