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"Hi Liz - I can't thank you enough for the support and help you have given me. From a place where I felt so low, with no control, you have provided me with techniques to use which has given me perspective and the ability to discover me again. I am truly grateful. At first, I was unsure about how effective EFT would be but with your expert support and guidance I now am able to use it to help control my feelings and to live my life again. Thanks again." L.

"Hi Liz - Thanks again, for all that you helped me with, in developing new tools and ways of looking at the world. I appreciate it." K.

"It is so comforting to know that I can use EFT at anytime I feel upset, uneasy about a particular situation. Liz has taught me some discreet techniques that have worked, I now feel far less stressed and traumatised than before my therapy. Thank you Liz you are a wonderful listener, you have seen my pain. I am so grateful you have helped me regain my self esteem." S.

"Dear Liz, Just a quick note to say thank you for your help and support which has genuinely made a huge and positive difference. Although I didn't know a great deal about EFT I am so pleased I opted for it. The approach has given me the tools to address my issues and I'm sure I will continue to use them in the future. I would not hesitate to recommend it as, together with your blended approach to counselling, it really was most effective." G.

"Liz thank you so much for all your listening and thoughtful insight. I'm feeling very hopeful. I feel that I've got some hope and vision back." B.N.

"The combination of counselling and tapping is very helpful. I feel a real positive shift. I now feel I can stand up for myself and be authentic." D.G.

"Hi Liz, great session, thank you." J.

"Thank you Liz I felt like you followed intuitively and were very, very in tune. I felt safe and very confident in you." Diane

"You offer such a safe held space and that mixed with your insight and experience will support your clients to release and grow." Jo Hamilton (EFT AAMET Advanced Practitioner).

"Liz is a gifted therapist who is genuinely caring and empathetic. My EFT sessions with her have helped me deal with issues I haven't been able to resolve with other therapies. I highly recommend both tapping (EFT) and Liz for resolving any emotional issues, traumas or phobias. If you need help to move on, deal with your anxieties, find your confidence or simply get motivated, you couldn't be in better hands! Thanks Liz!" Chris Elliott

"Liz, thank you very much for today, you are very talented. I felt you really stripped things back and got to the root of the issue (albeit a very large root!) and you're easy to talk to, which always helps." CF.

My daughter found it very helpful and said that 1 hour was more beneficial than 3 years at CAMHS. K.

"The workshop has been really useful as well as enlightening, sensitive and practical." CF.

"The Workshop surpassed my expectations by feeling benefit after such a short period of time. I would be keen to attend another workshop." LB